I’ve written about a wide variety of topics over the course of my career—from archaeology and astrophysics to public health and neurobiology. But the stories I gravitate toward most are those about organisms and ecosystems—about how they got to where they are and about the people working to understand and protect them.


I love the collaborative process of crafting and shaping story ideas with smart and creative people. While I will always consider myself a writer first, I’m lucky to be in a role where I can help guide storytellers of all backgrounds and experience levels toward the words, structures, and visuals that will make their work as informative and powerful as possible.

Media Production

Although I once lamented my online start in science writing, I’ve grown to appreciate the skills I gained in those roles. I love visual storytelling and finding ways to marry deep, insightful reporting with powerful imagery to transport audiences to places they never knew existed—and to help them understand why those places matter.


Gorillas in Their Midst

City of Glass

Reef Refugia

Living With Giants

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